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Lister & Co identify that each individual client may have differing needs. The nature of the practice as a tailored concern is therefore readily able to adapt to these needs, be they practical, emotional or field specific.

We act for the individual business entrepreneur, the large corporate or the colloquially termed “man on the street”.

We pride ourselves on taking on the big guns, standing up to bullies and winning. Our motto, “Who Dares Wins”, is not a space-filler on our letterhead, it is an ethos by which we practice law. The famous words “Who are you not to be brilliant” is something that we strive for. The fact that nobody has done it before, doesn’t mean that it cannot be done. We pride ourselves on our accomplishments which include various international cases as well as several local cases which have made new law. We invest ourselves in our clients and ensure that the best possible result is always obtained

The service areas of the firm geographically include Durban, Pietermaritzburg and surrounding areas, as well as Cape Town and Johannesburg. We consider ourselves to be the leading litigation firm in Hillcrest and are more than prepared to consult at a venue which is convenient for you. All too often people are apprehensive of attorneys because they do not concern themselves with the client’s needs, rather they jump into costly litigation where there could be another, more effective option.

In giving advice we look at what is in the client’s best interests and we believe that our substantial client base has grown mainly out of repeat business. Just because we may have concluded a matter for a client does not mean that the client is an ex-client. We believe in the philosophy “once a client, always a client” and look forward to meeting with you to discuss any legal issues that you may have

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